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If you play Candy Crush Saga for just few minutes and you will become hopelessly addicted to this game. That’s the main reason why this game has become one of the most popular game on facebook and mobile plateform. This is really a delightful game where match-three puzzler features delicious-looking candies with strategic play and music will guaranteed to put you in a very happy mood. it’s bit tricky too that’s why we have put together this Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips guide to help you in getting the most from this outstanding and awesome game.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tips For Matching Three Candies Is Great But Four Or More Is Even Better

It’s really easy to match three similarly colored pieces of candy,it’s child’s play really but If you really wanted to boost your score quickly then try to match four or five. When you natch four game generates a special candy for you that when you combine it with two other pieces of the same color will eliminates a whole row. Now if you match Five candies on the other hand will produces a special candy for you that when matched will destroys all similarly colored pieces on your entire game board.

Quick Tip : Try to Combine special candies to get screen-clearing effects.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tips For Keeping A Close Eye On Number Of Turns

You are only going to have a specific number of turns to complete any level in the game, which is displayed at the very bottom of the screen . You definitely need to keep tabs on it at all times. matter of the fact , you should keep track of this number with each of your turn.

Never Just Waste Turns

It is so easy for you to match candies and then think that you are doing great but in reality it is the exact opposite. So for example If the remaining piece of jelly (see more on that in next sections) is on the very lower left corner of a big puzzle then do not waste turns by try to match candies on the top right.

Quick Tip: You should reach to certain points for beating a puzzle at each level.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tips when Jelly Doesn’t Move

This is a very easy mistake players do. While playing jelly themed levels actually the actual jelly blocks can’t be moved.  Instead of moving Jellies, you are able to maneuver all the different pieces of candies.  So you need to try to come up with best possible ways to remove jellies by strategically put different candies in place.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tips when Losing and end up with Incomplete Level 

Initially in the game , when you first start to play Candy Crush Saga , the game will only have you with a certain number of turns , called lives. Once these so called lives run out, you will have three options , stop the game down and wait to have more lives to appear, you can also ask your Facebook friends for free lives or if you don’t mind spending some money then purchase more lives for just $0.99.

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You Need To Unlock And Pay For Boosters

Booster is another way you can get help on clear difficult levels of the game if you are stucked.  If you need them quickly then you could also buy these boosters. These boosters include

Jelly Fish cost $1.99 : You can add jelly fish to candy , now you can clear three pieces of jellies if matched.

Extra Moves cost $0.99 : You can add 5 more moves to your existing level puzzle

Get Extra Lollipop Hammer Booster for $1.99 : You can use it for smashing candies to remove them from puzzle

Quick Tip : You could also visit our blog for cheats at following link to help you get unlimited Boosters

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tips to buy Charm to clear each level with breeze

Once you get the charms then these special items are all yours to keep and they will greatly impact your game. The very first Charm of Life  will cost you $16.99 if you want to buy it for increasing your lives from normal 5 lives to 8 lives

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Gaming hints displayed to show you possible matches 

If you take a while to make your move then the game is going to highlight potential matches for you. You will see  pulse on pieces of candy to spot them easily but be careful and watch it out. Based on your current objectives , highlighted move hint may not be always the best move to help you so stretegize before making your final move

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